Логические анализаторы

Логические анализаторы

Faster, Smarter Debug

Logic analyzers are known to be slow, complicated and expensive but LogicStudio changes all this by delivering a powerful feature set, high performance hardware and an intuitive point and click user-interface.

With I2C, SPI and UART Trigger and Decoding

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Powerful Feature Set

Timing cursors, history mode and serial data protocol decoding help debug the most complicated problems. More LogicStudio Features

Easy to Use

Simple mouse operations control every aspect of the user-interface from panning and zooming waveforms to configuring the trigger.

Digital, Serial, Analog

Turn your PC in to a MSO by connecting LogicStudio to any of ten popular oscilloscopes from Teledyne LeCroy, Tektronix and Agilent. See Compatible Oscilloscopes

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Using LogicStudio is the best way to experience the lively display, rich feature set, great debug capabilities and sleek user-interface. Download

LogicStudio 16 and WaveAce Oscilloscopes

Debug systems with analog, digital and serial data signals.

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